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Cardiac Screening Questionnaire
Modifiable (add your logo and office information)
patient form.
Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (MCHAT)
An AAP recommended screening tool.
MCHAT Scoring Sheet
A handy customized scoring sheet for the MCHAT.
Autism Evaluation Clinical Report
Published by the AAP in October 2007.
Autism Management Clinical Report
Published by the AAP in November 2007.
First Childhood Seizure
AAN Practice Parameter
Febrile Seizure Management
AAP Practice Parameter published in 1999 but still
Evaluation of Global Developmental Delay Flowchart
Patient Resources
Professional Resources
Autism Resources
A separate page dedicated to resources for families
affected by autism.
Common Migraine Triggers
Frequent triggers for childhood migraine and some
other primary headache syndromes.
Headache Diary
A log I put together for characterizing headaches,
identifying triggers and response to treatment.
ADHD Information
General information from the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP).
KidsHealth ADHD Information
Good general information about ADHD and other
childhood conditions.
Epilepsy Alliance Orange County
A local organization with epilepsy resources
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